Moomin for Kids


Who doesn’t love the Moomins?

Created by Finnish illustrator Tove Jansson in 1945, the Moomins have continued to delight children and adults around the world.  From the first, Moomins and the Great Flood, to Comet in Moominland, and the one I remember most from childhood, Finn Family Moomintroll.

The books will  make a wonderful Christmas gift for children, along with lots of other Moomin goodies.  Here are some of my favourites.

FT2014-57-Moomin Cover_Layout 1


Moomin Family Organiser 2014 –  £9.98.  With space to keep track of five family members’ appointments.

Something to carry sandwiches, elevenses and teatime treats –  Moomin Lunchbox – £7.95


Get the little ones off to bed without a fuss with their very own Moomin pillowcase – £11.90.

Plenty of room to write stories and lists in this Moomin Spiral Bound Notebook – £6.99MOBD

Somewhere for pocketmoney.  Moomin Coin Purse – £12.50

A Moomin Mobile Pouch for keeping things safe – £15.00moominpouch

Moomin Bookmark – £3.60moominbookmark

Guaranteed to annoy Grandma and Grandpa by the end of the day!  Moomin Harmonica – £6.95



I was always given a book for Christmas and I think it’s the best gift you can give to a child.

The first Moomin story The Moomins and the Great Flood – from £7.19



Comet in Moominland – £4.99



Finn Family Moomintroll – from £5.24



If you’re a Moomin fanatic then there’s always the Moomin Shop, 43 Covent Garden Market, London WC2E 8RF.

school header

Back to School

school header

The school holiday has whizzed passed with just another week until all the little ones are heading for their first day at school, their first day at a new school, or even the start of their last year of ‘the best days of your life’.  I have to say that school certainly didn’t contain any of the best days of my life and definitely some of the worst.  The thing I did enjoy though was getting the bus into town in this last week of summer and buying my new pencil case and all the bits to go in it.  WH Smith was ‘the’ place to go back in the 70’s.  The pencil case would be plain ready for you to write and draw all over during those long arduous hours in the classroom.  None of this Hello Kitty or Spiderman stuff then.

My  school pencil case would have contained the following:  ink pen with cartridges, pencil, pencil sharpener, 6 inch ruler, eraser, protractor, set square and compass.  That was what was required and then it just got filled with various other bits, felt-tips, scissors, coloured pencils, sweets.

As life’s a bit different now and there are so many choices I decided I would create my own wish list for how my pencil case would look if I was 10 again.  So here goes –

Pencil Case – Foxtrot Pencil Case from Paperchase – £6.00


Helix Oxford Maths Set from Staples – £2.00

I was rubbish at maths and didn’t know one end of a set square from another but I like the little tin it comes in.  Will it fit in my pencil case though?



Erasers are always very useful and come in lots of fun shapes.  I like these Furby erasers from John Lewis at £1.99.



I love felt tip pens.  They look fantastic all laid out.  I wonder if children still compare colours during class these days?  Sharpies are great and you can get them with lots of different nibs.  Amazon have a huge range of Sharpie packs to choose from.


I found concentration a bit of a problem and so I’m sure if I’d had this cute pack of origami mice, lessons would have been much more fun.  They’re from Lollipop and cost £9.50.

schoolorigamiI guess the most important purchase for the new year was a bag.  It said so much about you.  Did you manage to pull off the impossible and get the coolest bag, or did you get the un-coolest bag?  It was inevitable that the coolest bag would always be owned by the coolest person in your school year.  If you decided that next year you would get that cool bag too, you knew in your heart of hearts that by then it wouldn’t be cool anymore.  So I’ve decided not to be cool and just go for Hello Kitty, because it’s fun and makes me smile.

Now shall I get the Hello Kitty Pearl Detail Messenger Bag from Claire’s at £8.00?

Or shall I go for the Hello Kitty Folksy Backpack?


Decisions, decisions.


aby Bellisima Passport Holders

Baby Bellisima Passport Holders

aby Bellisima Passport Holders


Kids these days, they don’t know they’re born, do they? No sooner have they said hello to the world than they’re jet-setting round the globe on their own passports.  Eeeek, rewind that, I’m starting to sound just like my mother…

Seriously though, these passport covers for kids are adorable, aren’t they? Just the thing for protecting those valuable passports from being sucked, chewed, bent, wiped on the floor and so on by your adorable offspring. There’s also a matching luggage tag, so you can occupy your little lamb at the baggage carousel, by making them hunt for their own luggage!

The passport covers come prettily boxed, so they’d make a great gift – something useful and a bit different from the usual fluffy toys or babygros!

£14.99, from Gifted Penguin.

Colour In Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake Poster

Colour In Wedding Cake


Anyone who has ever been to a wedding knows how tricky the business of ‘managing’ the kids all day is. I’m a big fan of kids, and every wedding usually has at least one priceless moment where a toddler has said or done something hilarious, usually upstaging the bride and groom. But asking a bunch of kids to more or less sit still and behave in a room full of grown-ups for a whole day doesn’t usually go like clockwork. That’s where this nifty colouring-in poster just might help.

The idea is that you find a space on the floor somewhere, hand out the colouring pencils and let the kids get busy creating their own personal wedding poster for you. With luck, it’ll keep at least some of the kids busy for some of the time. With even more luck, you’ll have a fun memento of your big day at the end of it.

You can get this poster from Hunkydoryhome.

Jon Burgerman Colouring In Wallpaper

Jon Burgerman’s Colouring-In Wallpaper

jon Burgerman Colouring In Wallpaper

The pub round the corner from our house has taken a creative approach to the problem of naff graffiti in their loos. Instead of fighting a loosing battle trying to keep their loos graffiti-free, they wallpapered the entire loo space with colouring-in wallpaper. So now, instead of rubbish quotes about who was there previously, and who’s in love with who…there’s a colourful, artistic alternative. What’s not to like?

You can do the same thing in your own home with fun colouring-in wallpaper by Jon Burgerman. It comes in a couple of different designs, but I’m rather taken with this graffiti monsters pattern. I’m not sure I’d paper the entire living room in it, but it’d be fun in the downstairs loo or maybe in a kid’s bedroom.

You can buy Jon Burgerman wallpaper online from Design55.