Papernation began life back in 2006, as an online retailer of premium-brand stationery and paper goods. Over time, we built up a reputation for sourcing great stationery and top quality paper-based items.

Fast-forward to 2011, and we decided to do something a little bit crazy. We put our online business into hibernation and set off on an adult gap-year, travelling around Europe in an RV. We had a great time and the travel bug hasn’t left us! To that end, we do not plan to re-open our store for the time being, at least not in its previous format.  Instead, Papernation has re-launched as a stationery and paper blog, with an associated Amazon affiliate store.

So we are now concentrating on blogging about all the latest and best in the world of paper and stationery.  New products, new designers, events, news – you name it. If it’s all about top-quality stationery or papery goodness, then we’ll try to cover it.

Our Amazon affiliate store sits at the side of the Papernation blog. Throughout our year away, we were constantly emailed by folks asking  ‘where can I find…’ questions. So now that we’re back, we’ve put together an Amazon affiliate store to bring together all those familiar brand names, as well as plenty of new ones too. Think of us as an Amazon filter if you like…we’ve done all the searching, sifting and organising of items we know you’ll love, so you don’t have to wade through Amazon’s main site looking for stationery treasures.


As you will no doubt guess, running an Amazon affilate store means that if you click on any items in that store, then go on to purchase them on Amazon, we get paid a tiny commission, as a reward for bringing that business to Amazon. This doesn’t affect the price of the item in any way.  Likewise, throughout our blog, we may feature products and advertisements that generate a small commission if clicked on and a purchase subsequently takes place.  We will only ever feature products that we trust, and that reach our quality expectations.